Czech language courses

25.8.2016 0:00

New courses will be opened on September 2018. Details on August registration in News.

On September 2018 we will be opening new Czech language courses. Registration is only possible via the online registration forms which will be published after finishing present ones.

If you have not taken a final test before, it is necessary that you come to our centre at Mezírka 1 BEFORE THE REGISTRATION BEGINS and take a test. If you have taken a test after attending one of our courses or if you are begginers, you do not have to come. If you are not sure, you can come and consult your level with the Czech methodologist BEFORE REGISTRATION BEGINS.

The Centre contributes to removing the language barrier and improving the linguistic and cultural situation by offering a wide range of Czech language courses for both adults and children.

The Czech language courses for foreigners are free of charge at our Centre. However, they are only intended for third country nationals who have permanent residence, long-term stay permission, temporary stay permission, a long-term visa or have been granted international protection = asylum, or complementary protection in the Czech Republic. The courses may not be attended by European Union nationals, foreigners with tourist visas or short-term visas, applicants for international protection = asylum, or complementary protection, or those who are staying in this country without a valid permit.

Courses for adults

  • Traditional language courses (1 course = 75 lessons) - (registration August, start September)

  • Conversation course focusing on society and culture (1 course = 36 lessons) - (actually, May-June)

  • Low-threshold open courses (1 course = 36 lessons) – actually (February - March, no prior registration for the course is required)

  • Distance e-learning courses on writing (1 course = 48 lessons)

  • Model citizenship tests (1 course = 5 lessons)

  • Model permanent residence test (1 course = 5 lessons)

Courses for children

  • Czech language course for children in preparation for school attendance, including basic social and cultural education (1 course = 48 lessons) -

  • In cooperation with one of the Centre’s partners, Primary and Nursery School Staňkova – teaching the optional subject “Czech Language for Foreigners”

Czech language courses that we offer are set according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) at the following levels: A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2 and B1.1, B1.2. More information here.

If you are interested in our Czech language courses, please contact us for more information by e-mail ( or visit us in person and ask.



- proper determination of the language level through a classification test (please contact our Czech Language Courses Specialist,

- registration to the project (only in person in our Centre),

- registration for the course (only via our website),

- only one course per given period of time may be attended,

- excuse every absence to the lecturer in advance; if more than one lesson is concerned, apologize beforehand to puczokova.katerina(@); if you will not, we reserve the right to replace you with another client

- with less than 75% attendance you will be in other courses automatically on waiting list (for serious reasons the client can apologize in advance - not including shift work or long-term leave)

- repetition of the course – just one repetition of a course of the same level,

- completing the course – a minimum attendance rate of 75% and completing test of minimum 70 % is necessary,

- final certificate – it is necessary to apply for it and wait for a confirmation e-mail; to be received at the Centre,

- requirements for another course: completing test of minimum 70 %,

- always arrive at the lessons on time.