Adaptation and integration courses for newly arrived foreigners

20.2.2015 0:00

The “Welcome to the Czech Republic!” courses

It is not always easy to start living in a new country. The adaptation and integration courses provide a helpful first step for foreigners to start their life in a new country. The courses provide foreigners who have arrived in the Czech Republic and are planning to live here in the long-term with basic information about the following issues:

  • Czech Republic in general
  • Culture
  • Residence
  • Education system and recognition of education
  • Employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship
  • Health care and health insurance
  • Social system and social security
  • Housing
  • Family and plenty of other practical information on everyday practical life in the Czech Republic.

The courses are free of charge and are held in Czech with interpretation into English, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, French, Mongolian and Arabic.

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